Security Manager

Security Manager

Security Manager 6000 4000 Stobart Air

Stobart Air are now inviting applications for the position of Security Manager


Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Continuously maintain Stobart Air’s security programme up to date with EU regulations, national civil aviation security programme, and IOSA standards and recommended practices;
  • Ensuring that aviation security measures described in the NCASP, Security Advise Notices and directions issued by the DTTAS and/or IAA are implemented by Stobart Air;
  • Ensuring that Stobart Air security programme is approved by the Authority;
  • Developing security instructions for all staff and encouraging security awareness and vigilance as a basis for implementing aviation security procedures;
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of the security programme by regular evaluation and inspection;
  • Report and maintain a record of all occurrences of unlawful interference affecting Stobart Air operations, including bomb threats;
  • Conducting an initial comprehensive security survey and subsequent periodic audits, inspections and tests of Stobart Air facilities, and activities;
  • Ensuring Stobart Air is represented on all relevant Airport Security Committees;
  • Liaison with Security Departments of airports and service providers to ensure security measures are implemented to the appropriate standards;
  • Advising without delay, DTTAS and the IAA with all pertinent information relating to a company aircraft, if unlawfully seized at an airport in the State or outside the State;
  • Ensuring an effective risk analysis, threat assessment and response capability;
  • Initiating special security measures during periods/instances of increased threat;
  • Provision of specialised advice to senior and line management in all security functions, protection, intelligence, information and investigation, as the need arises;
  • Assessment and monitoring of third-party contracted (or sub-contracted if relevant) service providers and suppliers to ensure standards are maintained;
  • Liaising on matters of security, though the Safety and Compliance Review Board and/or Safety Action Group(s), in support of the Accountable Managers safety accountability.
  • Administration and maintenance of the Stobart Air’s emergency response plan in order to comply with applicable regulation and standards;
  • Developing, coordinating, and testing the emergency response plan, and those nominated to participate in it, so as to ensure ERP operational preparedness;
  • Coordinating with internal stakeholders, partners & external agencies to ensure strategic-level preparedness and maintain ERP documentation to ensure effective coordination;


Minimum Skills & Experience Required:

  • Knowledge of the relevant legal requirements and how they should be met;
  • Knowledge of internal, national, Union and international quality control;
  • Ability to motivate others;
  • Knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of security equipment or screening methods used.
  • Military/police experience or extensive airline experience;
  • Ability to deal with senior personnel in the airline, at airports and with Government Agencies;


Required Qualifications:

Qualifications required as detailed in Chapter 3.2, of the NCASP, and trained as required per chapter 11 of the NCASP.


Qualifications Renewal Frequency (as applicable):

Security Manager – qualification renewable every 5 years


Meetings attended/chaired (detail as applicable):

  • Security Committee (Chair)
  • NCASC – attendee
  • Airport Security Committees – attendee
  • UK & ISC Forum – attendee


Interested candidates are invited to send an up to date CV and cover letter to no later than close of business Friday 11 September 2020.


Stobart Air is an equal opportunities employer

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